At three major Aerospace/Defense companies in Connecticut, contract workers are required to present EH&S Training Module Completion Certificates before entering any company facility.  They need basic awareness of common OSHA topics, like Fire Safety, Hazard Communication and FOD. These courses all exist on the Company LMS, but contractors are not allowed access to the Company LMS. Therefore, contractor EH&S training has always been a live, instructor-led format.  This of course is expensive, logistically challenging, time-consuming and inconvenient for students.


Aerospace EHS Training

EH&S Training

Since 2015, Dupont Learning, LLC has provided a platform to host EH&S training modules (FOD, etc.) for aerospace/defense contractors.  Contractor workers self-register, including selecting their contractor company name from a “Company Name” drop-down list. Once registered, contractor workers complete the courses, then print completion certificates. They then bring their Completion Certificates to show the company security guards upon entering the building. Certificates are good for one year, after which the contractor takes the course(s) again.

EH&S Training Completion Certificates

If a worker forgets his/her Completion Certificate, company administrators or security guards can look up the contractor worker’s training status. Also, each contractor company can designate a company “Reporter” who can get automated reports (for their employees) sent automatically via email.

To date, more than 140,000 EH&S training module completions have been recorded – at a fraction of the cost that was previously expended. Also, the improvement in logistics, documentation, convenience, etc. has been staggering.

About My EHS Academy hosted on is a re-branded CourseMill Learning Management System hosted by Dupont Learning. enables EHS trainers to host and track EH&S Training for employees and contractors. The most likely scenario is when the company does not have an LMS, or when contractors are not granted access to the company LMS.

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